European Beauté Concepts and Wellness Spa in Greenbelt, MD 20770 is a unique spa offering advanced holistic skin and body rejuvenation services. We are committed to preserving the youth, health, and wellness of our clients through education in nutrition, fitness, preventative health care, and wellness programs that help them to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Our spa specializes in Skin and Body Rejuvenation Treatments using the most modern and innovative technologies. Enjoy your service in an atmosphere conducive to the healing of mind, body, and spirit.

We also offer the most modern Skin Care Treatment products, custom blend make-up, and customized dietary supplements. Come and experience our full line of professional skin care, body and bath products, cosmetics, gift baskets, aromatherapy candles, herbs, essences and other gifts.

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European Body Wrap


Look 6-20 inches slimmer in just one hour…..Guaranteed!

The European Body Wrap System uses the ancient art of pressure wrapping and masking and the finest natural products available to tighten the body.


  • Compress Fatty Tissue and Tighten Flesh
  • Tone and Firm Underlying Muscle Tissue
  • Nourish and Rejuvenate Skin and Tissue
  • Stimulate Cellular Metabolism
  • Maintain and Improve Skin Flexibility and Suppleness
  • Help Diminish Stretch Marks
  • Help Flush and Eliminate Toxins


The European Body Wrap System is specially formulated with amino nutrients, the building blocks for protein, which help breakdown the burn fat naturally. European Body Wrap combines four amino nutrients that target surface breakdown, skin and muscle tone development and detoxification. The smooth and creamy clay each perform a separate function for superior results. The skin and soft tissue are compressed, firmed and tightened while amino nutrients nourish and moisturize at the cellular level.
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